„Musical Aquarelle” regulations

Muzikos idėjos

VII International competition of chamber ensembles „Musical Aquarelle –2020”

Anykščiai music school
September 25 – October 23 , 2020


  1. Purpose.

International competition of chamber ensembles “Musical Aquarelle –2020” will take place on September 25 at Anykščiai music school. This competition gives an opportunity for young musicians to reveal their performing capabilities in chamber music also experience participating in international competition and diversity of performances.

Attention changes due to the corona virus !!!

 1. The competition this year will be held by video recording format. Every ensemble has to send a video by September 25, 2020, 10 PM (you are welcome to send it any time earlier also, but not later than the September 25 evening).

2. The video recording must be send without cuts or editing. The camera during the recording has to cover all of the ensemble members, the focus has to stay the same and the video has to remain static throughout the performance of all of the program.
3. At the beginning of the video performers bow, each member of the ensemble introduce themselves personally – name, surname and the instrument they play. Then one member of the ensemble presents their teacher/professor. The teacher/professor introduces where the ensemble is studying at and presents the program to be performed. Then the ensemble performs all of the program and at the end musicians bow.
4. All videos has to be submitted through YouTube channel. The video has to be uploaded on YouTube and the link has to be sent to this e-mail:
5. The Jury of the competition will evaluate every ensemble and will make a final decision. The decision on whether the Grand Prix will be awarded will be made by the Jury after receiving all of the videos. The results will be announced on October 23, 2020 on this website:
6. All ensembles will be awarded with certificates of appreciation, diplomas or laureate diplomas and various prizes. Also, the teachers/professors of the ensembles will be awarded with certificates of appreciation. All diplomas and prizes will be sent to you via mail. We kindly ask you to specify one address per ensemble (with postal code) where to send the prizes for the ensemble, in other words we will send the prizes to all members of the ensemble to one address.
7. It is in our plan to make a DVD with laureates using the video recordings you will send (we kindly ask you to make high quality video recordings for both the results of your participation and for the DVD release). DVD presentations are planned to be held on October 23, 2020 in Anykščiai.

We are glad to welcome pupils and students of all specialities. The main requirement – at least one wind instrument in the ensemble. Other instruments are free of choise. The group of ensemble is determined by the oldest member in it. Programme is free although one classic piece is desirable. Five groups of level A three groups of level B and Junior group will be awarded separately.

  1. Structure of the competition
    All ensembles are divided into six groups and two categories. Age rangedepends on December 10, 2019(how old is the oldest participant on that day). Students from Academies of music, Gymnasiums, Conservatoires can participate in I, II, III groups of category A. Group IV-V is for students only. Category B is for pupils of schools of additional music education only. Possible illustrator in ensembles: trio -quartet one illustrator, quintet – sextet and bigger… two illustrators.

      Junior  Group younger than 10 years

  1. Group 10, 11, 12 years old; Category A; B
  2. Group 13, 14, 15 years old; Category A; B
  3. Group 16, 17, 18 years old; Category A; B
  4. Group 19, 20, 21 years old; Category A; B
  5. Group 22, 23, 24, 25 years old; Category A


III. Timetable of the competition
Comprehensive timetable will be announced few weeks before the event at the www.muzikosidejos.lt .

  1. Criteria
    Performance will be assessed according to four criteria:
  1. Musicianship –artistry;
  2. Interpretation of piece, program selection;
  3. Technique, intonation, mastership;
  4. Ensemble

The staff of international jury will be announced on the first day of the competition.
The jury will have at least four members. The system of value consists of 25 points. The decisions of the Jury shall be final and conclusive in all circumstances and no correspondence will be entered into.

  1. Awards
    The winners of international competition of chamber music “Musical Aquarelle-2020” of all groups will be awarded with diploma (I, II, III places) and special prizes for each ensemble member. Teachers of the winners will be awarded, too.

The best musicians of this contest will be invited to participate in XV international art festival “Druskininkai Summer With M. K. Čiurlionis”.

One of all category A chamber ensemble winners of will be granted with GRAND PRIX and monetary prize.

One of all category B chamber ensemble winners of will be granted with GRAND PRIX and monetary prize.

Category A GRAND PRIX 500 EURO

Category B GRAND PRIX 300 EURO

  1. Entry fee
    Entry fee of International competition of chamber music “Musical Aquarelle-2020” is 25 EURper each ensemble member. If the musician plays in few ensembles, for the first one he pays 25 eur, for other ones he pays 10 EUR. Accommodation and catering expenses are not included. Additional information will be given by the time of registration.

The fee has to be transferred into the following account:
LT 077300010092086880 Association muzikų centras „Muzikos idėjos“  (recipient);

Bank – „Swedbank”, AB
Konstitucijos pr. 20A, 03502 Vilnius, Lithuania
Legal entity code: 112029651

Bank Code: 73000


VII. Documents:
The following documents are required to be submitted by each prospective participant:

    1. Filled in entry form;
    2. Bank receipt;
    3. Copy of the document, confirming the date of birth of the participant;
    4. Deadline of registration to the competition “Musical Aquarelle-2020” is 2020.06.30.
    5. Documents have to be sent by regular mail or e-mail to the address:


VIII. Programme for Category A and B:
Junior group                               two pieces of different characters     3 – 4 min.
Group 1 Category A B                   two pieces of different characters     4 – 5 min.
Group 2 Category A B                   two pieces of different characters   6 – 7 min.
Group 3 Category A B                   two pieces of different characters   8 – 9 min.
Group 4 Category A –                    two pieces of different characters     10 – 12 min.
Group 5 Category A –                    two pieces of different characters     14 -15 min.

  1. Organization of the competition
    Association Center of Musicians “Muzikos idėjos”, Anykščiai music school.