„Musical Aquarelle – 2020” competition plan

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Information about VII International competition for chamber music enembles “Musical Aquarelle – 2020”:
Deadline extended !!! Uploads by September 25 !!!
1. The competition this year will be held by video recording format. Every ensemble has to send a video by September 25, 2020, 10 PM (you are welcome to send it any time earlier also, but not later than the September 25 evening).
2. The video recording must be send without cuts or editing. The camera during the recording has to cover all of the ensemble members, the focus has to stay the same and the video has to remain static throughout the performance of all of the program.
3. At the beginning of the video performers bow, each member of the ensemble introduce themselves personally – name, surname and the instrument they play. Then one member of the ensemble presents their teacher/professor. The teacher/professor introduces where the ensemble is studying at and presents the program to be performed. Then the ensemble performs all of the program and at the end musicians bow.
4. All videos has to be submitted through YouTube channel. The video has to be uploaded on YouTube and the link has to be sent to this e-mail:
5. The Jury of the competition will evaluate every ensemble and will make a final decision. The decision on whether the Grand Prix will be awarded will be made by the Jury after receiving all of the videos. The results will be announced on October 23, 2020 on this website:
6. All ensembles will be awarded with certificates of appreciation, diplomas or laureate diplomas and various prizes. Also, the teachers/professors of the ensembles will be awarded with certificates of appreciation. All diplomas and prizes will be sent to you via mail. We kindly ask you to specify one address per ensemble (with postal code) where to send the prizes for the ensemble, in other words we will send the prizes to all members of the ensemble to one address.
7. It is in our plan to make a DVD with laureates using the video recordings you will send (we kindly ask you to make high quality video recordings for both the results of your participation and for the DVD release). DVD presentations are planned to be held on October 23, 2020 in Anykščiai.
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VII Tarptautinis kamerinių ansamblių konkursas

VII International competition of chamber ensembles

Muzikinė akvarelė-2020

Musical aquarelle-2020


 Anykščiai Music School , Biliūno str. 21, Anykščiai





Kovo 12 d. / 12 March

11.00-15:00 val. dalyvių registracija / registration of participants

11.00-14.30 val. repeticijos salėje: Junior, I, II, III, IV grupės A kategorija / Rehearsals: Group Junior, I, II, III, IV Level A

14.30 val. Konkursas: Junior, I, II grupės A kategorija / competition: Group Junior, I, II Level A

17.00 val. Konkursas: III, IV grupės A kategorija / competition: Group III, IV Level A

21.00 val. rezultatų paskelbimas ir apdovanojimai / results and  awards


Kovo 13 d. / 13 March

9.00-15:00 val. dalyvių registracija I, II, III, V grupės B kategorija / Participants registration: Group I, II, III, V, Level B

9.00-11.00 val. repeticijos salėje: I,II grupės  B kategorija / Rehearsals: Group I,II Level B

11.00 val. Konkursas: I,II grupė B kategorija / Competition: Group I,II Level B

13:30-14:30 val. repeticijos salėje: III grupė  B kategorija / Rehearsals: Group III Level B

14.30-15:30 val. repeticijos salėje: V grupė / Rehearsals: Group V

15:30 val.  Konkursas: III grupė B kategorija / Competition: Group III Level B

17:30 val.  Konkursas: V grupė  / Competition: Group V

21.00 val. rezultatų paskelbimas ir apdovanojimai / results and  awards



Kovo 14 d. / 14 March

12:30 val. Koncertas / Concert

Iškilmingas koncertas, skirtas Lietuvos Nepriklausomybės atkūrimo dienai /

Gala concert on the occasion of Lithuanian independence day

Konkurso finalas ir laureatų koncertas / final of the competition and concert of the winners

Groja visų grupių pirmos vietos laimėtojai, kovojantys dėl GRAND PRIX /

Performance of the first places winners of all groups competiting for the GRAND PRIX

14.30 val. rezultatų paskelbimas ir apdovanojimai / Results – Awards

15.00-16:00 val. Šventė / holiday


Musical Aquarelle’s schedule:

Akvarele dalyviai 2020


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